Tyrone is a small town in Georgia. The total area of the town is 12.9 square miles of which 12.5 square miles is land and the remaining 0.4 square miles is water. The population of the town is believed to be around 8000.

There are different things to do and places to be if one is visiting Tyrone for the first time. There are not a tremendous amount of places to see. But the following landmarks are worthy of your time.

1) The Legacy Theatre

It is a beautiful venue where various concerts, stage shows, and other events are organized. The audiences come here in large attendance. It is a visual treat for all the visitors who come there. It is small and intimate with friendly staffs and great, talented stage performers.

2) Shamrock Park

It is natural park and one of the top landmarks the town has. There are various events hosted in this big park such as sports, community, and church events. Throughout the day you can drive by and see people walking their dogs. It is also a popular spot for exercising and yoga. It has a small pond that adds beauty to the park. It also has playground and tennis courts.

3) Veterans memorial park

Funds collected from the public allowed this amazingly stunning park to be created. It is located in the center of Tyrone. The reason it was built for is to pay tribute to the ones who served for the country. It is maintained very well and is a place for someone who wishes to be in a peaceful environment.

4) Wendall Coffee Golf and Event Center

This 50 acre property is a multi-purpose facility. There is a driving range, 9 hole par 3 course and a 9 hole putt putt course. In addition there is a beautiful facility used for wedding receptions, business functions, and more.