Despite Tyrone, Georgia being a small town of under ten thousand residents, it has managed to produce famous people who have placed it in the limelight. The town is located in a nondescript location in the state and has been overshadowed by numerous urban areas with a higher number of famous people and attractions that increase visibility such as football and baseball teams. The small town of Tyrone boasts of numerous personalities that have attained fame in different arenas.

One of the famous individuals in residing in the town is Joey Clayton. Joey Clayton is famous for his participating in NASCAR in various categories. However, his success in the sport has been dwarfed by other big names in the sport even though he remains as a big deal in the small town.

Andrew Gardner is also a famous person hailing from the town. He is famed for his appearances with various teams such as the Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles. He currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

Kendric Golston is another famous individual from Tyrone, Georgia. He plays for the Washington Redskins and has managed to stay with the football club since he was selected in 2006. He is also born and bred in the town where his budding talent was first identified.

Calvin Johnson, who also plays in the NFL, also comes from the small town. He is famed for his contract with the Detroit lions whereby he signed an eight-year contract extension for the largest sum ever heard of in the national football league. He also holds the record for receiving yards with the 2012 season leading to the highest yards ever recorded. He presents the town with pride over the possibility of one of their own being successful and a trendsetter in the largest sport in America.