Newnan, Georgia boasts of different qualities ranging from its welcoming and amiable people to the openness to assisting any individual. The town has been capable of producing numerous individuals who have given it pronounced prominence in Georgia as well as other parts of the country. The famous personalities that the town as well as Coweta county has produced can be found in music, literary works, art, music and politics. The article outlines the different individuals that the town has produced over the years in the aforementioned categories.

In the music arena, the town has produced various names in both the lead positions and support positions. One of the most acclaimed background vocalists was Hamilton Bohanon who was capable of working with big names such as Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder while on tour. Other noteworthy personalities include Minnie Pearl, Doug Stone, Alan Jackson, Charles Wadsworth, and Buford Boone. All the individuals mentioned above have been credited for their contribution to music.

In politics, William Yates Atkinson and Ellis Gibbs Arnall both of whom are former governors of the state of Georgia represent the town. Lamar Potts also falls under the political big shots since he was the sheriff of Coweta County.

In sports, the country is well represented. Some of the noteworthy sports men from the town include Louis Brown, Steve Bedrosian, Michael Cheever, John Estrada, Dale Murphy, Drew Hill, Robin Byrd Goad, Keith Brooking, and Jerome Walton. The above sportsmen participated in sports ranging from golf to football, to baseball and weight lifting.

In the authorship and literary contributions, Erskine Caldwell who was a novelist with various titles under his name represents the town. Pillard Dickle is a calendar artist from the same town. Lewis Gizzard and Margaret Anne Barnes also come from the town and have made significant contributions to literature.